the ADAPTmap project

Goat breeds are bred successfully in a wide variety of environments making the goat species an optimal candidate to disentangle the genetics of adaptation. The ADAPTmap is an International effort developed to improve coordination among otherwise independent projects for genotyping, re-sequencing and phenotyping of goat breeds. The initiative is promoted by the International Goat Genome Consortium, the FeedTheFuture, and the Nextgen and 3SR projects.





A number of international projects aim to disentangle diversity of goat breeds/populations by recording and relating genomic diversity, morphological traits and several geo-climatic parameters for characterizing the breeding environment. In addition, large projects have been carried out for genomic analyses of complex traits, providing extensive datasets on commercial populations.ntegrating of data from the various sources is an essential step to allow a comprehensive application of population genomics. Heterogeneity of sampling designs, studies objectives, resources and methods of sample collection and recording poses a great challenge in data integration for storage, querying and analysis. Bioinformatic solutions have been developed for efficient merging of genomic data from independent sources.



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